The jury is out on the Dead, and whether they are a powerhouse or not. They've won some matches they probably shouldn't have, and had one heck of a run in '07, beating Floyd to go to the semifinals. However, in two other years, their journey ended with Floyd. Last year was the first exception, losing to another upstart. Ironically, in spite of winning the region in 2007, their '08 seeding was a scant #15. There is also, however, reasonable speculation that the Dead can only win during Pierre's shift on account of how hard he lobbies for his favorite band.

Some best-known songs: China Cat Sunflower, Truckin, Casey Jones

Tournament HistoryEdit

Record: 10-7

2006 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 13

2007 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 14

2008 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 15

2009 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 13

  • Round 2: Loss vs (12) Bob Marley -- afternoon match

2010 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 13

2011 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 15

  • Round 1: Loss vs (2) Pink Floyd -- evening match

2012 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 10